ECA Speaks Out Against Disrespectful Chants

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The student association’s council recognized that habits and traditions exist within engineering and computer science societies that are of a “crude and sexually explicit nature” and dissociated itself from several cheers at a meeting on Feb. 10.


The Comeback of a Canadian Pop Supergroup

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“If one person is playing all the instruments it sort of lends itself to being the same type of melody or the same type of rhythm. As soon as you bring somebody else, it just changes. I love that collaborating and the meetings of the mind.”


Student Inventors Want Patent Control

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For his final-year “capstone” research project, graduating Concordia engineering student Michael El-Jiz was curious about the applications of music in engineering, and created Bothoven, a robot that could read a sheet of music and play piano.


When zombies attack Concordia

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Believe it or not, Concordia University has prepared us to survive through a zombie apocalypse. Most of the engineering students, the good ones anyways, will be an asset to the team. How many times do the lights go off when they are most needed? Electrical engineers will keep our residence up and running 24/7. Mechanical engineers are the masters of momentum, energy and heat transfer.


Who is the audience and who are the actors?

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Forget the 3D glasses — The Seventh Sealwill have you on the edge of your seat, swivelling your head in every direction. No need for a backstage pass or binoculars when you are literally sitting on stage, an arm’s length away from the actors.


Sex, drugs… not rock n’ roll

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“I’ve never felt so sick in my life,” said a Concordia student, who wishes to remain anonymous. She had rohypnol slipped in her cocktail at a bar. “I couldn’t stand and could barely move, and was throwing up constantly for over 24 hours, which is what’s scary if you go home with someone. You literally cannot leave your bed.”


Plug in your headphones and put on your reading glasses

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Author J.B. Staniforth takes you on tour with The Deadly Snakes in his new novel, The Deadly Snakes: Real Rock and Roll Tonight. Download some of their tunes, roll up the book, slip it in your bag or back pocket and become a groupie as you follow one of Canada’s most unique bands from their early beginnings as high school friends to their break-up.


A Night to Remember

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Holding candles and paper bags, people of all genders stood in a circle at Norman Bethune Square on Thursday at a vigil in remembrance of people who lost their lives to transphobic violence.