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The Link Newspaper

The Link Newspaper

The Link has been the most read newspaper on Concordia’s
campuses and the areas surrounding the university. 


March Against Austerity
reporter, film & edit | Andy Fidel

Solidarity with Hong Kong
reporter, film & edit | Andy Fidel

Black Lives Matter
Gathers in Montreal to ‘Reflect,’ Bring People Together
July 18, 2016

A Night to Remember
Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil Held
at Norman Bethune Square
Nov. 25, 2014

ECA Speaks Out Against
Disrespectful Chants
Motion Passed by Student Association Recognizes
“Crude and Sexually Explicit Nature” of 14 Chants
March 4, 2014

Student Inventors Want Patent Control
ENCS Requests Concordia Update Intellectual Property Policy
Dec. 3, 2013

Concordia Student Union at People’s Climate March NYC
reporter, film & edit | Andy Fidel

Hundreds Express Opposition to Shipping Albertan Oil Eastward
reporter, film & edit | Andy Fidel